Start 2020 With an Impact!

Why Are You Interested in a Mastermind Group?

  1. Growth: I want to grow my business in 2020!
  2. Accountability: I want someone to hold me accountable.
  3. Isolation: I want to get feedback from others and end the isolation of being an entrepreneur.
  4. Other: Those are good reasons… but I have others.

Stop doing it alone! Join a group of entrepreneurs / solopreneurs who meet weekly by video call and 24/7 member chat area, and provide support to one another, generate new ideas, problem solve, share what’s working for them, and so much more.

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What Some Members Have to Say...

What You Receive in a Weekly Mastermind...

  • Weekly Live Video Calls
  • 24/7 Access to Member Chat Area
  • Monthly Workshops
  • No More Isolation & Doing it Alone
  • Weekly Accountability Checks
  • Boost Your Profits & Get More Business
  • Share Common Issues & Solutions
  • MonthlyChallenges
  • Instant Support Network
  • Gain Massive Confidence


(We Have General Mastermind Groups and Marketing Mastermind Groups)

STEP #1 – Agreement to Be a Member of The IMPACT Group

By clicking the “Become a Member” button below, you agree to these terms.


You're gaining access to other entrepreneurs, their businesses and insights. You're going to learn what works and what doesn't for others. Do you agree to keep this information confidential and inside the group at all times?


This is a hard rule. At no times, will any bullying, harrassing, or demeaning actions by a member be tolerated. If this happens, you will be removed from membership immediately. Monthly fees that you've paid will NOT be prorated or refunded for that month.


There will be times when you're asked to share with the group what you do and opportunities to offer your services to others. With that said, this is not a networking group where you're just trying to sell your products/services every week. We're here to learn and to help each other.


We want you to participate and not just be a fly on the wall. You don't have to do any presentations or anything like that if you're not comfortable. However, we WANT you to participate. Just do our free 7-day trial and you'll see there's nothing to be afraid of.


You're joining a group of people who WANT to be in this group and better their business/life. To get the most out of this group, it's important to be there as often as possible. Just set aside 1 hour a week to change your life. It's not much... and we know it will be worth your time.


Of course, we all want to get as much out of a Mastermind group as possible. With that said, there's others in your group who have questions, answers and problems. If it's always all about you, then you may be asked to leave. We want EVERYONE to benefit from these groups.


We want members who WANT to be here and if there's a problem in your group, we want to work with you on the issue. You can request to be moved to a different group and we will accomodate you if a group is available. If you WANT to be here... we WANT you to stay and will do what we can to accomodate.


All meetings are recorded for moderator training but will NEVER be shared with anyone. If you're asked to do a workshop, that will be recorded and placed in the "Impact Library" for others to consume. If that's the case, we will ask you to sign a release form for workshop material and information.


For those of us who know the value of a Mastermind group also ENJOY being there each week. We develop long lasting business relationships and friendships. It doesn't have to be all work all the time. It can also be OK to have some fun and enjoy the process.

STEP #2 – If you can follow these IMPORTANT terms, please click the “Become a Member Today” button below to start your free trial.
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"To me, it’s a group of bright business minds who I feel have a deep personal commitment to my success and vice versa. It’s a safe place to talk about what’s hard, what’s exciting, and above all else, it’s made up of people who very clearly understand my struggles and whose advice is invaluable because of that." ~ Mallory Ontariano, Kinds Apparel

"Regardless of where you're at in your entrepreneural journey, it's typically a lonely one. Not only do I get to see there are others in my same situation, but I get to find out how they overcame their struggles. And with Impact Mastermind, the meetings are very structured and well run. I get a ton of value and the investment is very affordable. I highly recommended!" ~ Mike Mancini, Mancini Digital

How Did This Group Begin?

This Mastermind Group was born out of our frustrations with existing groups. Most of the well-known entrepreneurship groups require ridiculously high fees and have requirements that prevent many small business owners and solopreneurs from joining. They also have an emphasis on profits and money, where our group is focused quality of life and impact (as well as those other things).

We were also frustrated with the “free masterminds” that exist as social media groups. 99% of the advice given is very surface level and coming from people who have no experience on the subject. Deep connections and breakthroughs are rarely achieved in Facebook groups.

What Exactly do the Meetings Look Like?

Mastermind groups meet for one hour each week, Monday-Friday (the same time each week). The meetings are structured in groups of 8 to 12 members.

We use Zoom Video Conferencing to conduct the meetings so it is required that you have a computer equipped with a quality microphone or camera.

Who Are The Ideal Members?

We have people from all different industries, backgrounds and experience levels. Some people are 25-year veterans while others are just getting started. We encourage anyone who feels isolated and has the drive to be an Entrepreneur to join. If you are serious about replacing the “9-to-5” and want to create a lifestyle that is all your own then this group is probably exactly what you need. 

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What is Discussed in the Meetings?

We have several different types of meetings that rotate throughout the month including: Brainstorming or Hotseat sessions to solve specific member issues, workshops, 30-day challenges and roundtable discussions. Each meeting is very structured and designed to provide massive value for each member each and every week. 

What is Expected from the Members?

Each member sets their own level of participation. Some members are more vocal than others, but everyone has the opportunity to speak ask questions and contribute. The only requirement is to share your “One-Minute Win”. This is important to show gratitude and start the meetings on a positive note. 

How are the Meetings Run?

A moderator will be present inside of each meeting to facilitate. They are trained to not only keep the conversation moving, but to keep it ON TIME.
As far as the structure of the meetings, we try to have each meeting be a bit different as we want there to be variety as well. There are brainstorming sessions, hotseats, workshops, 30-day challenges, roundtables and others. Each member will get different value out of the different meeting types. 

Are the Meetings Confidential?

Absolutely! Confidentiality is of upmost concern. All members are expected to keep meeting discussions confidential at all times. If a member is found to share confidential information outside of their group, their membership will be terminated immediately and no refund shall be given nor will they be allowed back at any time.
These groups are designed to be welcoming, helpful and safe. If a member is not abiding by that philosophy, they will be removed from the group. 

Are the Meetings Recorded?

Yes, the meetings are recorded, but are not posted online. They are recorded only for quality assurance and training purposes for our moderators.
All WORKSHOPS are recorded and will be posted in our online library for all of our members to see. At this time, no other types of meetings will be posted(but this is subject to change and if we do decide to post other content, no past content will be posted, only new content after everyone has been made aware of the policy change). 

How Long is the Commitment?

There is no commitment. Billing is once a month and you can cancel at any time. With that said, we want members who are going to be present as often as they can. We understand that life happens and things can get in the way, but we want people who want to be here. If you’re not attending on a regular basis, then you may be asked to give up your spot in the group. 

How Do I Join?

Simply click the button below and sign up for a free 7 day trial. Within a couple of days, you will receive a call from one of our onboarding staff to discuss your business and where you’re at with it (don’t worry if you don’t have a business yet). This call is to just find out more about you and what you’re looking for in a group. Then, you can attend a free meeting your very first week. After that, you can then make your decision if it’s right for you or not. 

Jump on a call with us to find out more about this Mastermind Group.

“To me the Mastermind means accountability, sharpening the saw and connecting with a peer group of entrepreneurs I trust and respect. I love to collaborate, question and contemplate business strategies in a safe and consistent environment.” 

Jill D. – Wellness Consultant

“It definitely teaches me how to communicate in a group setting without stepping on other people’s toes. What I bring to the table is 19 years of consistent entrepreneurship, about 14 different businesses, eight of them sold, in industries from I have a laundromat to a dry cleaners and a copy center, and a freight brokerage and a hay brokering business, and some different businesses concurrently, and so it gives me a perspective on how you might jump to a profitable position.” 

Ryan D. – GloDomes

“I fling myself in wild directions a lot of times, but it really helps to have the group to keep me on the straight and narrow as far as the best direction to go in. I admire so many of the members. I see them as role models in my personal and professional life, and that’s really important to me.

Also, the tools, coaching and marketing and tech, I could go on and on and on, for the actual problems that you help me fix in my business. And also the personal life stuff, but the Mastermind helps me with my personal struggles often more than in my business.” 

Micah L. – Apis Communication Science

“I became a “real business owner” in the last year, not just piddling around anymore. I’m serious about it. I now have a different perspective.

I work by myself and I talk to people all day, but I don’t talk to a lot of entrepreneurs. So, I get to visit with other people who have the same aspirations that I do, and it also has given me the courage to talk in front of people. Public speaking just to the group has been a big deal for me. It’s changed how I look at business.” 

Marla D. – Alder Street Salon

“I love the community and the personal and professional accountability. I have no follow-through skills, almost zero, literally. Now, I have a drive to follow through in part because of the group.

It gives me the strength to move forward, even when I don’t want to make the next phone call or email to the potential vendor or whatever it is. This group helps give you the courage, whether that’s the right word or not, to slog on in the face of self-doubt, really. That’s what it gives me.” 

Margaret P. – Choffee Con

“Transitioning from academia to business was a big step for me. I really appreciate having this core network and the structure. It helps me prioritize.

I really admire the fire the group brings to each meeting. I just appreciate the opportunity to just listen. I think a lot of time I’m very much in my head thinking through some problems by myself. It can be very abstract, but having the opportunity to verbalize things and bounce ideas off everyone.” 

Bradley L. – Human Powered Future

“The Mastermind Group plays an integral role in my personal accountability to my business and life, and I just feel so fortunate to have such a passionate, professional and knowledgeable group of entrepreneurs to tap into for business advice. It’s been a pretty difficult year, and it would be easy to go off the rails with business because of major life transitions and challenges. I also appreciate the transparency and confidentiality of our group, which creates an environment free of fear, which encourages all of us to open up about our achievements and mistakes, and this really fosters a collective creativity so we can learn and grow together. I really, really appreciate this group.” 

Lisa M. – Blue Dogs Media

“I lead a hermetic life often. So it’s great to come here and hang out with other bosses.

I feel like I can show up with my strengths and weaknesses and everyone recognizes that and are cool with it. I don’t think there’s competition here. It’s not an environment where we’re trying to play over each other. It’s a very safe area where we can be vulnerable, shed some tears and it’s okay, because in business, sometimes it sucks big time. Sometimes it’s scary, sometimes we’re risking stuff. We don’t know what’s going to happen, and it’s good to have the relationships here and just the experience of when people say it’s going to be okay.”  

Tim D. – Imagination Media

“What I get from the Mastermind is camaraderie or another word might be fellowship. I’m pretty introverted by nature, and so when I go to networking events and stuff like that, I’m never excited about going there, and I always come away saying, “I’m glad I came. I made some good contact. I had great conversations,” but I never got that feeling about this group. I’m always jacked up to be here. Second thing, I’ve gotten some really specific help with my business, specifically around sales and marketing. That stuff is hard for me. It’s not intuitive. I’m not good at it. I don’t like it. I do it because I have to, and I’ve got some great help from a number of people, and that has been a real difference maker for me to get to a point where I get to do what I love to do quite a bit.
I’m pretty sure I’m the oldest. So, I have these garden scars, and we all have life experiences, but I have some that other people haven’t had. There have been a handful of cases where I helped other people to get wins, which really feeds my mind. So, I get more than I give.” 

Jerry K. – EOS Implementer

“I get in what I call a “Geekdom”, and I’m really happy at times in that space. I just sit there and do my geekish thing, and never really have any real human contact. This group really gets me out of my “Geekdom”. The biggest thing I think I get from this group is the perspectives. There’s no one in this group that does exactly what I do. In fact, you all do things radically, completely different than I do. I love seeing the perspectives from so many different types of organizations and businesses, and it kind of humbles me because when you’re in your own world, you kind of just think there’s this one view of the world and how things might be done, and then get to see all these other businesses and going, “Wow, that’s kind of a factor in that business. I would have never thought of that.”
There is also a big connection here. I have been part of other local groups for 20 or so years and I can honestly say I’ve gotten to know everyone in the Mastermind group on a more personal level. With other groups you don’t often get to know everyone beyond the surface, but with a Mastermind group everyone has been vulnerable and we learn about each other’s’ personalities more deeply.” 

David B. –

“As a church pastor, I definitely feel like I get more out of you guys than I give. This group helped get me out of the church, and so I think one of the problems with the church is that it tries to stay in the church, and doesn’t get into the world. This helps me see a collective persona of people. And my job is to grow my church, so I’m in the people business, and so you guys help me understand what the people are going through. That’s one thing, and it helps me understand their issues. The Mastermind challenges me.
The group also forces me to get GSD, get shit done. Because I am a “quick start” and I don’t finish anything. It helps me improve in my personal life, and my professional life. This group helps me to challenge my team. I know that I bring everything that we do here, our wins, our losses, the 30-day challenge. I’ll bring that to the team, and then the follow-up the other issue there. But it does give me ideas on team development and team strategies and what I do with my team, and I think that’s huge.” 

Ross C. – Freshlife Church

“Authenticity, accountability, perspective. It’s always complicated to create a business that brings out the best in me and mitigates my weaknesses. There’s a selflessness to this group that I think is atypical in traditional business approaches and I think it’s because of that selflessness that we all have for each other. We all put each other first and by doing that we all end up getting a whole lot more out of this. That’s the big reason I come.” 

Mike A. – Consultant

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